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Selecting The Ideal Fine Rug...

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Whether you choose to work with an interior design or just wander in on your own looking to give your living space a lift, Pars welcomes everyone. Many of Pars customers are repeat customers who have changed their interior design and are looking to affect a new look.


Bring in photos of the space you seek to improve. This is optional but it helps direct your search. The best fine rug choice is the one that brings you the most pleasure and the one that will stand the test of time.


Room size, ambience and decor are three important fundamental considerations. The average US living room is between 300 and 500 sq ft, custom homes will often have larger living rooms up to 800 sq ft. Know the size of your room. Given the dimensions of your living room, Pars will help recommend the right size fine rug. Some customers prefer the fit of a larger rug where others prefer the traditional size rug. 8x10, 9x12, and 10x14 are the most common sizes of handmade fine rugs. Because they are handmade, often the exact size will vary a little.

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Now comes the tricky part…


The actual design of your rug can run the gambit. For years the traditional weave, color, and patterns of the old world have been sought after and are known as “Classical.” Always a sure bet, many people rely on the established beauty and precedent of a ‘classic design.’ There are also regional differences manifest in ‘classic’ designs, be it a rug made in Syria, Iran, India, Pakistan, or China - there are differences. Some of these subtleties may not be that important to you, but Pars knows all about them and is happy to explain them.


A new trend in fine handmade rugs emerged in the early 2000’s and it’s called the “Contemporary” design. While it may have taken thousands of years to establish the ‘classic designs,’ the western world decided it wanted the luxury of a fine handmade rug but wanted a modern affect or statement. Today’s fine rug customer has an even broader menu of options to suit his or her personal preferences.

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