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About Pars Oriental Rug

Back in the late 1970’s two fellows both from Iran ran into one another working in Savannah. As young men they both had moved to Savannah for different reasons. While they didn’t know each other in their home country, they both had a lot in common. Of course they were totally familiar with fine handmade rugs because they understood the importance and position handmade rugs hold in cultures around the world.


So to pick up a little extra cash and to supplement their high end restaurant waiter jobs, Carl and Akbar rented a retail small space on Habersham Street in Downtown Savannah and imported a small collection of Persian rugs. Downtown wasn’t like it is today with multi-million dollar homes on every other block, but by the early 1990’s the secret of Savannah was out.


Fast forward to today and the two friends have grown older, raised families in Savannah and have contributed to countless organizations and causes.


Today Pars Oriental Rug features fine handmade rugs from 11 different countries. The showroom is over 5,000 square feet. The prices range from affordable to super high end. On any given day, they have over 3,500 handmade rugs to choose from.

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