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Owning a Fine Rug...

rug #3 cmyk.jpg

Owning a fine handmade rug is a privilege. It’s also a testament to its owner denoting appreciation for fine crafted works of art. A fine rug also adds charm, texture and elegance to any indoor space. Whether hailing from the Mideast, the Orient, South Asia, or Europe, every fine rug has a deep history of humanity woven into it. Machine made rugs are nice and a little less expensive, but  they aren’t the Real McCoy. Some people own both types but they will consistently tell you it’s their handmade fine rugs that bring them the most pleasure.

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rug 4.jpg

A handcrafted fine rug tells a story. It also never stops pleasing you or anyone who visits your home or work space. These rugs work 24/7 to please and comfort those who are in their proximity.


Fine handcrafted rugs are a value because when cared for properly they will last many lifetimes. How many of our purchases can claim that? Not many.


Many people insist their rugs are investments… They aren’t a 401K but they sure return far more than they cost. Durable, attractive, colorful, and embolden fine handcrafted rugs are a special addition not only to any space but to any life.

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