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Cleaning, Repair and Appraisal

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All quality fine rug retailers have the knowhow and staff to perform basic ancillary functions that come with owning a fine rug. Routine cleaning keeps your fine rug in top shape. Rugs absorb the environment in which they reside and over time, dirt, dust, and traffic can compromise the rug. Having your fine handmade rug professional cleaned will ensure both rug longevity and optimize your enjoyment of the rug.


Life happens and sometimes a fine rug will be stained from spills, pets, or accidents. Again, there’s no reason for alarm as fine handmade rugs are resilient and a professional fine rug retailer will be able to restore and or repair damage to your rug.

Since many modern insurance companies have instituted more detailed requirements for claims processing, having a professional appraisal of your fine handmade rug is always a good idea. Your appraisal, along with the receipt, makes claims processing much easier. Pars Oriental Rug can assess and appraise your rug giving you the security and confidence of knowing if something happens, you have the necessary documents to receive full value for your loss.

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