Persian Rugs – Summer Sale!

Pars Oriental Rugs (Hwy 70 & S Miami Blvd, Durham) is having a very special summer sale to welcome new customers!

A small selection of rugs are being offered at deeply discounted prices.  These rugs are all in excellent condition, in a wide variety of styles/  Many are smaller to medium sizes – excellent choices for first homes and young families, for example.

All of Pars rugs are hand-knotted, crafted by artists trained in the technique for many generations.  Each one, therefore, is completely unique.

Hamadan rug ($490)

This is a “Hamadan” Persian rug, from Iran.

Medium width but quite long: 4′ 3″ x 7′ 9″
This rug is about 30 years old, with no damage or repairs.

Primarily red and black
1 corner
Bright greens and blues in the small detail work

Hamadan is one of the most ancient cities in the world: possibly more than 3000 years old, it was certainly a thriving capital in 700 BCE. The area produces a wide range of traditional designs and is known for sturdy rugs that wear well in “heavy traffic.” Wool pile hand-knotted onto cotton warp; deep red set off by a black background.  See more Hamadan rugs in Pars’ summer sale!

Originally this rug was priced at $1,295. It has been selected for Pars’ special summer sale, and is being offered for only $490.



Hamadan rug ($490)

A huge Hamadan rug (5′ x 10′) with a dense pattern. The overall effect is a red and cream color scheme, but when you look closely at the details, gold, green, blue, and black stand out in the intricate flowers and borders.

3center 3corner 3detail

Look for the “paisley” designs along the border: this pattern is called “boteh,” a traditional precursor of paisley design. The shape is said to represent seeds, or flames, both as symbols of renewed life.

This is a Persian rug from Iran, traditional wool pile on cotton warp. 30-40 years old, with no damage or repairs.

Originally priced at $2,650, this rug is being offered as part of this special sale for only $490. This is a very special opportunity!




Hamadan rug ($350)

This Hamadan rug (Persian, from Iran) has a bright red center with a dynamic mix of large floral and geometric forms; lovely flower border with a medium-brown background.

12 corner 12 detail3

Size: 3′ 3″ x 4′ 9″ Wool pile knotted on cotton warp. 30 years old, no damage or repairs.

Hamadan rugs can often be recognized from behind! Lines of heavy cotton “weft” support the knotwork, and can be seen on the back of the rug.

flower back 12-

Original price: $895 Now being offered for $350 in our special summer sale.



War Rug ($395)

The “War Rug” tradition dates to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, beginning in 1979, and has continued throughout the modern conflicts there. Traditional artists adapted the patterns and techniques of the past to represent their own experiences.

7 center

This rug uses dark blue, brown, and gold tones to render tanks, planes, and bombs into a geometric pattern, with traditional flower, diamond, and scroll motifs still incorporated into the design.

7 detail 7 corner

3′ 8″ x 5′ 10″ Wool warp/wool pile.

Originally $895, this fascinating rug is offered for $395.

PAF0007  7

Other War Rugs at Pars

Hosein Abad rug ($595)

Hosien Abad, in central Iran, is close to the ancient capital Hamadan. The artists of this area produce rugs known for their extremely durable nature. This rug will remain beautiful even in “heavy traffic” areas.

A huge rug (10′ x 5′) in luminous, deep ruby and garnet colors. Wool pile on cotton warp. 40 years old, with no damage or repairs.

Original price: $2,400 Now on sale for $595.


Karkashak rug ($475)

A Karkashak rug from Turkey in lovely, soft peach and blue tones.

A generous size: 5′ 5″ x 8′ 4″. Wool warp/wool pile. This rug was created 30 years ago, but has been preserved in its original /brand new condition.

Originally priced at $1,695, now being sold for only $475.  This special summer sale is a great opportunity!



6 corner
corner detail
6 detail
Variations in the pattern are natural to hand-knotted rugs, and make each piece completely unique.

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