Persian Rugs – Summer Sale!

Pars Oriental Rugs (Hwy 70 & S Miami Blvd, Durham) is having a very special summer sale to welcome new customers!

A small selection of rugs are being offered at deeply discounted prices.  These rugs are all in excellent condition, in a wide variety of styles/  Many are smaller to medium sizes – excellent choices for first homes and young families, for example.

All of Pars rugs are hand-knotted, crafted by artists trained in the technique for many generations.  Each one, therefore, is completely unique.

Hamadan Rugs

Hamadan, in the mountains of western Iran, is one of the most ancient cities in the world.  Possibly more than 3000 years old, it was certainly a thriving capital in 700 BCE. The area produces a wide range of traditional designs and is known for Rugs that are both beautiful and very sturdy, made of soft 100% wool pile hand-knotted onto strong cotton warp.  Hamadan rugs wear well in “heavy traffic.”

This rug (PIR0001) is about 30 years old, with no damage or repairs. Medium width but quite long: 4′ 3″ x 7′ 9″.  The black in the background makes the vivid reds absolutely glow.

Originally this rug was priced at $1,295. It has been selected for Pars’ special summer sale, and is being offered for only $490.


PIR0001: Hamadan rug


Corner detail PIR0001
Corner detail PIR0001: The details in this colorful rug are delightful!



PIR0001: center detail
PIR0001: center detail

The Magic of Oriental Rugs

I am rolling up a rug – small, but heavy for its size – and can’t resist patting the fringe one more time as I stand back and look at it again, piled up with its brothers and sisters in a deliciously extravagant heap. “This one reminds me of chocolate,” I say. We’ve just finished up our photo shoot of 30 carefully chosen treasures at Pars Oriental Rugs, near Hwy 70 and S Miami Blvd. I’ve been taking photos of rugs from above (on a step ladder), rugs from up-close, corner details, center designs. I’ve been zoomed in on tiny details of animals and flowers picked out in silk, and strange arrangements of goat-hair fringe. “I feel like I know these rugs,” I say, feeling a little sheepish. After all, I am a newcomer and Mr. Piroozbakht has been in the business for 30 years.  “Like if I saw one of these rugs in someone’s house, I would recognise it right away.”

Mr. Piroozbakht gives me a funny half smile.  “That’s the magic of oriental rugs,” he says.  “I’ve sold thousands of rugs, but when I see the customer, I remember the rug I sold them.”  He looks around the showroom, where rugs are piled in stacks knee-deep.  Off to one side, rugs hang up on the wall like magic carpets flying away, and on the other side of the room, they are rolled up and leaning together like a cluster of friends chatting.

“The rugs are beautiful,” he says.  “But it’s more.  I’ve seen people come with an old rug, from their grandmother, you know?  And it’s damaged or worn.  They get it repaired, and they tell me, this rug is part of the family.  It’s like a member of the family.”

Pars Oriental Rugs is on Hwy 70 near S Miami Blvd.  The owner, Abbas Piroozbakht, is welcoming new customers this summer with a special sale.  He’s carefully selected some smaller to middle-sized rugs, in a wide variety of styles, to offer at deeply discounted prices.

You’ve always loved Persian carpets but never thought you could afford one?  There’s a room in your house that “needs a rug” but you haven’t found anything that’s quite right?     Perhaps there’s a special event on your family horizon, an opportunity for a new object to join the rich tapestry of memory-making in your home, and become a family heirloom.  Maybe you’re simply the type of person who’s drawn to the unique, loves things made by hand.

Come and visit.

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